Due to heavy rain in Santiago on Tuesday, the start of the 10th FIP World Polo Championship had to be postponed. Originally it was planned to start the matches on 24th March at the Club de Polo y Equitación San Cristóbal, in Santiago, Chile. Because of the heavy rain, which caused floodings in Santiago, the FIP decided to postpone the start of the matches until Friday, 27th March 2015.

Six teams are participating in the 2015 FIP World Polo Championship: Argentina, Brazil, USA, England, Pakistan and Chile. The six teams are divided in 2 groups, A and B, headed by Chile (as the host country) and Argentina (the current world champion) respectively. POLO+10 will report about this prestigious event and is media partner of the 10th FIP World Polo Championship.


Friday, 27th March, 15:00 hrs: Argentina v/s Brazil

Friday, 27th March, 17:00 hrs: Chile v/s England

Saturday, 28th March, 15:00 hrs: USA v/s Argentina

Saturday, 28th March, 17:00 hrs: England v/s Pakistan

Sunday, 29th March, 15:00 hrs: Brazil v/s USA

Sunday, 29th March, 17:00 hrs: Chile v/s Pakistan

From these matches will arise the semi-finalists that will play on Tuesday, 31st March 2015to define the finalists, that will play on Wednesday, 1st April 2015 to define who is the champion of the 10th FIP World Polo Championship.