Play Harder: Polo – racy, extreme, dangerous.
More and more economic leaders are fascinated by the most exclusive teamsport in the world.

Manager Magazin 4/2013 (3 MB)
Manager Magazin

The Renaissance of polo

X-press 04/11 – Investment Magazine of Deutsche Bank (897 kB)

The regulated life number 68/ review about Polo+10 edition no. II/2010

This edition – contains once more an aestehtic and informative blend of the most elegant sports of the world and appropriate adds of high-class goods and services – even a pleasure on the highest level is the fact that the visionary Milanes painter Mauro Bergonzoli painted (sic!) himelf responsibility for the design of cover and also a giant report is dedicated to him. In addition to two – unfortunately non-removable double-sided created pages – we get much information, so even those that you can look forward to his Hermés scarfs! Countess Franziska Fugger, his partner in all matters, and he is real Art=Life=Love-Proof. Really great!

Polo-Family Winter

Feine Welt 2/2010 (7,4 MB)

Constantin von Hohenstein recommends reading Polo+10

Hohensteins Welt: The ABC of a modern gentleman (published by Chevalier),
download as data file (635kB)

Reh-Zensionen about Polo+10 edition no. I/2007

„Beyond national boundaries, people, ideas – the world of polo does not like bounds. Nor does Polo+10, “promises editor-in-chief Stefanie Stüting in the editorial of the excellent magazine which is by now also the official magazin of the German Polo Association. Pure aesthetics – the noblest sport therefore put into scene, in which sponsors also earn tribute besides tournaments, tips and trends and lifestyle. As so, the Tajik artist Robert Hettich is presented, because he draws polo in oil and also worthy presented the cowboy boots of the Stallion Boots („things that are made by machines have no soul“). Even the adds are a feast for the eyes – for private banks just the right advertising medium….

2. Basthorst Polo Cup

Frau im Spiegel May 2009 (368 kB)

Luxury needs print and Polo+10

Horizont Bestseller 1/2006, download as data file (1,1 MB)

Premium Sportmagazine

media spectrum 5/2005, download as data file (9 MB)

Baldessarini Poloparty, Kitzbühel

instyle 4/2005, download as data file (1,5 MB)


instyle 3/2005, download as data file (2,3 MB)

Polo World Cup

Gala 6/2005, download as data file (1 MB)

Noche Argentina on snow

Kurier 16.01.2005, download as data file (3,2 MB)

Noche Argentina

Gala 4/2005, download as data file (2,5 MB)

The Centaurs

Handelsblatt 13.-15.08.2004, download as data file (3,8 MB)


Capital 18//2004, download as data file (2,6 MB)

In best society

Gala 33/2004, download as data file (4 MB)

fair play

Elle 4/2004, download as data file (4,3 MB)

Olympic styles

Elle 4/2004, download as data file (3,7 MB)

Snow drift

Max 3/2004, download as data file (2 MB)