The new issues will go to press in 2 weeks

The countdown has started and excitement is high: In 2 weeks, the new edition of POLO+10 World will go to press.

As always, we will share the latest news from the international polo community: a review of the most important events, new polo formats in the USA, new impulses in Africa, interviews, personalities, opinions and interesting lifestyle and travel topics.

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Check out the front cover of the next POLO+10 German issue: B 01 and B 04 are two of the rarest horses on the planet! They are clones of the very best polo pony to have ever existed – the legendary Cuartetera (owned by Adolfo Cambiaso).  Photo was taken by Irina Kazaridi @irinakazaridi at @ladolfinapoloclub, Cañuelas, 2018.

Adolfo Cambiaso himself is shown on the cover of POLO+10 WORLD. The photo was taken at the Argentine Open in Buenos Aires last year by Nacho Corbalan. Many thanks to Irina and Nacho for your great work!


→ Media Kit extract POLO+10 WORLD 2022/23 (1,4MB)

→ Media Kit POLO+10 WORLD 2022/23 (4MB)

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