Agustín Arestizábal is an Argentinian polo professional and works as polo manager at Ibiza Polo Club. He spoke with POLO+10 about his career and gave some advice for beginners who would like to improve their playing skills.

POLO+10: When did you start playing polo? And where?
Agustín Arestizábal: I have been playing polo since I was 12 years old, taught and motivated by my father in our farm in Laboulaye, Córdoba in Argentina.

POLO+10: In which countries have you played polo so far?
Agustín: I started to play as a professional polo player in 2012 and I have been playing in Thailand, China, Korea, Philippines and Spain.

POLO+10: How did you become polo manager at Ibiza Polo Club?
Agustín: I was managing a club in Thailand as I am working around Asia during the high season there, and Gabriel Iglesias (Ibiza Polo Club’s owner) came to visit me there and we spend a few days together. There was where he proposed me to come and work as Polo Manager in the Ibiza Polo Club.

It is a new experience for me to work in this amazing club. The Ibiza Polo Club is growing every day, we work as a polo family here and everybody can feel this beautiful atmosphere.

POLO+10: What advice can you give beginners to help them improving their playing skills?
Agustín: The way to improve in polo as in every sport is practicing as much as you can. Taking lessons and listening to every professional who is around you, because you can learn something different from every pro.

When you are a beginner, the most important thing that you should put your full attention to is on your riding. Once you feel safe and become a good rider, your polo will start to improve lesson by lesson, practice by practice.

POLO+10: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing polo?
Agustín: The most important for me is to keep your mind calm. To forget everything around you and put attention in each play as the last one.

POLO+10: Who is the best polo player in the world and why do you think he is the best player?
Agustín: For me, the best player is Adolfo Cambiaso. There are a few 10 goals players today and for sure all of them are amazing and have different abilities and skills. But Cambiaso was the player who single-handedly initiated the changes of polo rules, he is the one who was born for this sport.

Dear Agustín, thank you very much for the conversation and good luck for the future!

Agustín Arestizábal Ibiza Polo Club

At the 2015 Ibiza Beach Polo Cup, Agustín Arestizábal played for POLO+10 Polo Team.
(© Agustín Arestizábal)