By Alex Webbe

Following the creation of the Monte Carlo Polo Club and their debut in the lovely seaside village of Beausoleil, France in August, earlier this year, a two-day polo school and exhibition tournament took place attracting men and women, boys and girls under the leadership of club president Francesco Mitrano and veteran polo professional Benjamin Polledo.

Offering free introductory lessons and staging an exhibition tournament for potential players of every age, the grounds of the sports complex of the Devens in Beausoleil, France played host to its second major polo function this year. Located just minutes from the Place du Casino, the Monte Carlo Polo Club, the sports complex serves as the official playing fields for the fledgling team.

Mitrano cites the great interest in equestrian activities in the area and the limitless potential for breeding young and novice players to their growing ranks. Organized under the patronage of Monaco’s Prince Albert II, the Monte Carlo Polo Club created a small playing field and kicked of their activities with an August tournament that attracted four teams and a throng of interested onlookers to their first tournament earlier in the year.

The creation of the Polo School and plans to enlarge their current playing field are a testament to the long-range and future plans of the club.

Any interested in participating in club activities should contact the club at