After the successful debut tournament early in August under the patronage of Monaco’s Prince Albert II, the Monte Carlo Polo Club takes another step forward: on December 14th and 15th the club is opening its own polo school.

According to club founder Francesco Mitrano there were a range of projects planned for the fledgling club, but its first priority was the creation of a polo school that could instruct potential players and veterans alike.

Francesco Mitrano: “Polo is very popular in Europe and has a broad appeal to men and women of all ages. Our goal is to provide access to the sport to Monaco residents in a friendly and non-threatening atmosphere. Veteran polo professional Benjamin Polledo has been named as the polo school’s Technical Director and Coordinator. Polledo has worked with established programs at St. Tropez, St. Moritz, Geneva and Villa a Sesta, and is a welcome addition to the club.

And he adds: “The school will offer polo pony rentals, organized and progressive training sessions, access to the field for practice and participation in local and international tournaments. There are a host of riders who are drawn to the sport of polo because of its beauty and competitive nature. With the creation of a polo school and proper instruction the Monte Carlo Polo Club is looking to offer a venue to receive these future players.”

Mitrano was excited to announce that thanks to the success of the first Monte Carlo Polo Club Diamond Cup Tournament, preparations are already underway for at least one club tournament in 2014, and possibly others.