For the Polo Escape Season Finale, the season’s final tournament, many people came to Polo Escape in Thailand. Team Papelito with Hormoz Verahramian (-1), Robin Lourvanij (0) and Miguel Ayala (+3) gained victory. On two days three teams of three competed for the trophy of the Polo Escape Season Finale. Team Phar Lap with Alister Musgrave (-1), Conrad Stoyke (-1) and Patricio Lalor (+3) played well and came second by the narrowest of margins. Shanghai-based team Shanghai Black Horse gave a good fight and came close third.

The tournament was an opportunity for the club to show off their ‘babies’. Churito, Princesa, Gaucho, Trompa, Pepe, Escapista and Tecla were all born and raised at Polo Escape. Their father is Papelito, the polo-playing stallion.

The event dates also coincided with Songkran – the Thai New Year. Traditionally, the new year is celebrated with vividly floral attire fun water fights. Anything from water guns, hoses, buckets and, even ice-filled coolers are fair means of ‘sprinkling’ water. Thailand has just entered the year 2557.
1st Papelito (+2)
Hormoz Verahramian (-1)
Robin Lourvanij (0)
Miguel Ayala (+3)

2nd Phar Lap (+1)
Alister Musgrave (-1)
Conrad Stoyke (-1)
Patricio Lalor (+3)

3rd Shanghai Black Horse (+2)
Todd Fortner (-1)
Clark Shi (0)
Tommy Martinez (+3)