The 4. Polo & Country Fair was played in Holland with four teams and umpired by Mickey Keuper. Players from Holland, Belgium and Argentina played under perfect weather conditions with sun and many spectators. The Land Rover Team was made last-minute and turned out to be the most succesfull in a hard-fought final with only ½ a point difference on the scorebord.

Next to the polofield in the Country Fair the visitors had some additional entertainment with a wooden horse, rides for children, birds, cars and watches. Polo Club Midden-Nederland is a fairly new club in the green countryside of Holland and now moving to their 5th year of existance. Their tournaments vary from -2 tot 4 goal and always receive professional umpires.


Land Rover (3)
Jan/Laurens van Deynze (0)
Daniel Elosegui (2)
Manuel Diaz de Vivar (2)
Dominique Buck (-1)

Van der Gang watches
Bob Rademakers (0)
Pascal Zantman/Jos Houben (1)
Hector Monserrat (3)
Bob Lebbink (-2)

Brenda de Boer (0)
Armand van Eeken (0)
Maarten Hulsman (0)
Juan Medina (3)

House of Eléonore
Rainier Beyleveldt (0)
Junior Beyleveldt (1)
Maurice van Druten (2)
Henk van Druten (0)