In 2014 the Polo Club Luxembourg celebrates its 10th anniversary. On occasion of this birthday the polo club has put together a special program including several tournaments. The season will be accompanied by the new trainer and club manager Régis Racine. The polo player (handicap +1) was trained in Chantilly and has experience as a club manager from different clubs in France.

The season starts on April 26th and 27th with the Season Opener Chukkers and a special event for the tenth anniversary. This will be followed by the Coupe du Président (May 31st to June 1st) and the Coupe du Grand Duc on June 23rd as well as the highlight of the season: From July 4th to 6th Luxembourg Polo International Tournament will take place for the second time with six teams competing against each other. Next up on the agenda are the Summer Special Games on August 3rd and the Closing Chukkers (September 20th to 21st) and the season at the Polo Club Luxembourg ends with the 10th Anniversary Gala on September 24th.

Especially for those not playing polo but love to see and socialize, the Polo Club Luxembourg will organize two weekend trips to watch the teams of the club at exceptional polo tournaments abroad. Beginning of August the first trip will go to France to the Polo Club Chantilly for the Coupe Franco-Luxembourgoise and the second opportunity to see polo from Luxembourg abroad will be on August 29th to 31st at the Frankfurt Gold Cup in Germany. To reserve a place write to