This weekend the event “Polo by the Sea” took place at the Australian Gold Coast for the first time. The matches were hold at the Dough Jennings Park, which is situated at the head of Main Beach, Gold Coast. At the event four teams competed each other in two exciting matches. Team Melbourne started with Ruki Baillieu (+7), one of Australia’s best polo players, but nevertheless was defeated by team Gold Coast with 8-6. In the second match Pimm’s won against Blue Sky in penalty shoot-out with 6-5.
“Polo by the Sea” is organised by Polo Enterprises Australia Pty Limited (PEA), which also is in charge of the successful Australian tournament series “Polo in the City”. Originally scheduled to take place on April 13th, the event had been rescheduled for June 1st, due to adverse weather.

The Teams:
Wayne Glennie
Alex Roland Jones
Simone Quilligan
Mark Tochini
Blue Sky
Warwick Stein
Graham Mann
Sandra Carter
Michael Callow
Gold Coast
Ed Goold
Kit Brooks
Lucas Rogers
Janek Gazecki
Ruki Baillieu
Dean Culfield
Drew Slacksmith
Simon O’Brien