Part of the opening attractions at CHIO Aachen, world largest horse sport festival, was a polo match fought by two teams from Rhine Polo Club Düsseldorf. Approximately 3.000 highly interested spectators were inspired by this action sport. After four exhausting and fast chukkers teams – Natasa Trifunovic, Maurice Hauss and Daniel Hauss, as well as Thomas Grau, Thomas Scheuse and Fede Rooney – seperated with a fair 8:8. The match was played on a 120×60 meters grass field.
To allow the polo greenhorns at CHIO to follow the game Peter Frings was commenting the match and Martina Hoffmann did player interviews that gave an insight of the world of polo.
Club president Thomas Scheuse: „It was a wonderful possibility to present the topic polo from its best side to a highly interested horse sports audience. We thank the organizers of CHIO for this chance and would be happy about further cooperations.“