The passionate drive behind painting horses for Bobbi Baldwin comes from the inner spirit she feels in all beings. The color that a character brings to her emotions is not only heartfelt but inspiration in her endlessly creative mind. As a young child the artist was always found outdoors following a bug on the ground, playing with kittens, dogs, ducks, chickens, calves, rabbits, lambs, or creating some new inventive object in the barn, at 4H, or in the house. Her ability to create comes from a deep sense within that understands not only their personal character but also what makes the anatomy work. There is a deep need to understand, like DaVinci, what happens in movement. This intrigue with the mechanical, hand-in-hand with her high level of skills makes wonderful things happen. Her prolific, high detailed, colorful, and fast painting style is candy for anyone’s eyes. No matter what your love is for, Bobbi Baldwin has something for your taste.

As an art educator of almost 30 years this artist has taught so many artists from all over the world. Bobbi started out as a portrait artist in 1982 and still enjoys painting portraits for her many clients. As a founding member of the Portrait Society of America, her education is strong from taking in as many of the lessons she can, from the greatest living painters in America. The Portrait Painter’s Way, a book written by Bobbi Baldwin, is now a must have for anyone who wants to understand how to paint people. Her knowledge of people led way to being able to capture even more muscular beings. As you know, horses and people are the most difficult of all subjects for any artist. But, she has proven to excel at both.

In 2012, she lost her younger brother to cancer. While Mark was battling cancer he inspired his sister to revisit her love for horses. He was a passionate photographer whose deepest wish was to be with them, so their time together became about going into pastures and arenas. Many of her original paintings were done from the photos Mark took or they took together. The heartfelt memories they created while on photo shoots were those that led her onto the path she has taken at this time. He opened a door for her; so there came a time in her life when she returned to her love of animals as well, and found her heart’s passion portraying all equine events including Polo players, Jumpers, Ropers, Dressage, and much more. She says, “Painting horses just makes me remember the best days I had with my brother. We were very close during this time and I miss him very much.” Because knowledge is passion for this artist, she seeks to paint all different breeds and understand what makes them so wonderfully interesting and unique from each other. Among her paintings you will find, Friesian, Peruvian Paso, Gypsy, Clydesdale, Thoroughbred, Stonewall Sport Horse, Quarter horse, Arabian, Appaloosa, Palomino, and many more.

It’s not just about making a pretty painting for this artist. Her desire is to capture the inner spirit as well as understand the intricate details of anatomy. As the daughter of an engineer and a LCSW, Bobbi learned to appreciate all things alive from the inside out. There is a sense of mesmerizing warmth to all of her subjects; their eyes are these glassy inviting entries into the soul. It is as though you have been personally invited inside their thoughts for this moment. You feel the sense of their breath on your forearm from the velvet-like muzzle of this warm enchanting horse, as you begin to sense their smell as well.

Now in her mid-fifties this painter has learned to paint anything and anyone. But, her last years have been spent really wooing the world of horse lovers everywhere. Working in her home studio in Fair Oaks, CA, is a pleasure, but as a dedicated teacher she is busy with at least 4-7 classes per week. A blessing in all of this is that she is a very fast painter and can produce a lot of work with great detail and beauty. She often can be found teaching Color Theory, human Figure Drawing and working from a model, painting outdoors, or painting in the studio with her two dogs and two cats nearby. She is not only prolific with oil paint, but she also works in pastel, and bronze.

On the future horizon, she sees herself turning her horses into bronze sculptures. As a portrait teacher, she has been telling her students for decades that they must “think like a sculptor” in order to get a true sense of reality in a two-dimensional plane. She has had the ability to think three-dimensionally since she was a child. This ability to think in 3-D led her to naturally sculpt in a very lifelike manner. She really loves sculpting in oil based clay, creating wonderful bronze sculpture, but it is very hard on her hands and that keeps her from doing very much of this. So, her sculpture work is sought after by many collectors. You can see her portfolio and read so much more about Bobbi Baldwin at

Her work is also available through Ventana Gallery in Sonora, CA, Vigil Gallery in Nevada City, and the Gallerie Amsterdam, in Carmel by the Sea, CA.

About the Ventana-Annex Gallery:
The Ventana Gallery is dedicated to providing a wide variety  of high quality original artwork, both contemporary and vintage. We are located in the the heart of an old mining town known as the “Queen of the Southern Motherlode”. Sonora is within 140 miles of San Francisco, Sacramento and Yosemite National Park.

Over 60 artists are represented in Ventana Gallery. Most are from the Central California region of the valley, foothills and mountains surrounding our gallery. The natural beauty, clean air and gentle four season climate is reflected in many of our artist’s work. Genres from jewelry to mono-prints, photography to abstracts, plein air to ceramics, portraits to sculpture and everything in between and beyond are represented in our vast selection of artwork.

Dennis Garcia is the owner, curator, artist, construction crew and genius behind the Ventana Gallery. He has been a working artist for over 50 years and a gallery owner for over 20 years. The Ventana is his most recent gallery. It started as the Ventana/Annex in the mezzanine level of the century old Bradford Building. Dennis created a cozy but hip set of rooms that showcase art but make you feel as if you are in someone’s apartment. 2011 brought an expansion of the space to include a larger, more open gallery area with 20′ ceilings and an entrance on the main street of downtown Sonora.

The vintage artwork is also from Dennis. Collecting fine art has been a passion throughout his life. Now, cleaned and restored, the pieces are available to be enjoyed and treasured again by new generations of art lovers.