The second station of the 2014 PIPA ProAm European Snow Polo Championship in Salla, Austria has ended with Italy as winning team. In the final Benjamin Polledo (+3) and Andrea Djabi (0) defeated Ladislav Agardi (+1) and Stanislav Herko of team Slovakia by 10-5. This means Italy is in the running for the title. The great final of this year’s PIPA ProAm European Snow Polo Championship will be held in Liechtenstein form March 14th to 16th, admission is free.

The teams:
Team Austria (+2)
Uwe Seebacher (+2)
Niki Lasser / Andreas Asari (0)

Team Slovakia (+2)
Ladislav Agardi (+1)
Stanislav Herko (+1)

Team Czech Republic (+2)
Pavel Ivanyi (+1),
Marek Polan (+1)

Team Italy (+3)
Benjamin Polledo (+3)
Andrea Djabi (0)