Top polo, an awesome atmosphere and fantastic hosts – this was the 1st POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza (POLO+10 reported). Here we present all photos and videos of the event to show you the best and most beautiful moments of the past weekend at the Ibiza Polo Club:

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Part 2 – POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza
Part 1 – POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza

The prize-giving is over and the party is in full swing! The perfect time to get our hosts, Francesca Nill and Gabriel Iglesias, together for a chat with Jan-Erik Franck.
They will be meeting in the final of the first POLO+10 Patron’s Polo Cup tomorrow. Gabriel Eckenstein from Team Ibiza Polo Club (CH) and Sebastien Le Page from the POLO+10 Team. With Jan-Erik they discussed their chances.
Getting ready for the polo matches: Katriona Shrives (0, UK) and Gabriel Eckenstein (0, CH) are looking forward to today’s chukkas at the Ibiza Polo Club
Thanks so much to our beautiful host of the POLO+10 Players Party, Francesca and her husband Dr. Alexander Nill, for a unique night at the Ibiza Riviera.
Jan-Erik Franck with Gabriel Iglesias, the President of the Ibiza Polo Club
Welcome to the kick-off of the POLO+10 World Tour