On May 24th and 25th, one of the athletic and social highlights takes place at the Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club in China: the Consul General`s International Polo Cup. Six teams with players from Argentina, Thailand, Great Britain, China and Singapore have announced their attendance at the 6-8 goal tournament.

The Consul General`s International Polo Cup is organised by China Equestrian Association, Zhejiang Province Sports Bureau, Jiaxing Sports Bureau, Jiaxing Municipal Government and the Argentine Polo Association in cooperation with the Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club and the Pilara Polo Club (Argentina).

POLO+10 accompanies the tournament as media partner of Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club.

The Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club is well known for its excellent facilities, professional polo instructors and an exceptional equine health care team. Two full-size polo fields, 300 stables and well established equine hospital facilities make the club an international hot spot for polo.

Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club is situated in Nine Dragons Hill National Resort and Tourism Park in Jiaxin, Pinghu of Zhejiang Province, it is one hour drive from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo by car.