La Tarde Polo Club already ranks among the most beautiful locations for polo holidays in Buenos Aires Province. Guests from all over the world enthuse about the top class facilities, the qualified polo coaches, “As much polo as you can take” as well as the family atmosphere and the idyllic, spacious estate. Now extensive improvements and enlargements are planned – for even more polo at La Tarde.

New polo fields, more facilities, more tournaments and a larger breeding programme – La Tarde Polo Club has grand plans. “More and more guests and club members come to us,” says Juan Martin Sarli, coach, horse breeder, veterinarian and general manager at La Tarde Polo Club. “We want our guests to improve their playing style. We do everything to enable our guests to do so. By expanding and enhancing our facilities we want to offer even more possibilities and a larger choice to our guests. This includes for example more polo fields and better horses from our breeding programme.”

“As much polo as you can take” – at La Tarde each guest has the opportunity to train as long and as much as they want to. For that reason, the club wants to offer even more and better facilities in the future.
Currently the clubs owns three polo fields: one has the size of 200m x 100m and is located in front of the stables, as well as two more large polo fields with a size of 260m x 150m, located directly in front of the club house. Now La Tarde plans to build a fourth polo field, also in front of the club house and with the size of 260m x 150m.

Juan Martin Sarli: “Because we play stick & ball as well as chukkas every day, our polo fields are used frequently. The maintenance of the polo fields requires a lot of care and it is important not to strain them constantly. The more polo fields you have, the more you can change between the fields, which means you can take care of each field more intensively. For example, when you need to irrigate them or when it’s very hot and dry. They not only look better, but you can also play better on them. And of course, with more polo fields you can organize more and bigger tournaments.”

The construction of polo fields is a science itself and it is influenced by many factors. First you have to decide where to place the polo field because, due to the sun, this is a very important factor and can affect the game when the sun glares a team. For the construction of the field, the ground level has to be treated by ploughing and must be dug over to improve the field drainage. Depending on the field and soil conditions, we need to sow different varieties of grass. Another crucial factor is the quantity of sand, which makes the grass grow better, improves the drainage and makes the ground softer, creating a good grip for the horses. All in all, the process takes at least one year, so the fourth polo field at La Tarde will not be available until next season.

Already in a few weeks one of the two larger polo fields will be ready to use again. The field is being renovated and sowed with fresh grass. In addition, the newly built arena will be enlarged and more holiday lodges are to be built. There will be cottages with several rooms – perfect for families. The rooms will be designed by an architect and it is due to be finished by next season. Moreover, La Tarde plans to buy more land in order to have additional fields for the horses. The contracts are being drawn up.

For the best polo ponies, La Tarde expands its breeding program continuously.
Not only the comprehensive polo range is steadily gaining in popularity, but the breeding program of La Tarde Polo Club also continues to grow. Every year more and more foals are born at La Tarde. Juan Martin Sarli explains the special service of the club: “We offer our guests the possibility to buy embryos at their choice. Then, they are born here, they grow up and they are trained until they are ready to play. Afterwards the clients can decide whether they want to transport their horse to Europe, America or Asia, or whether they prefer the horse to stay here.” In order to offer their guests and clients the best polo horses and a large selection of good bloodlines, La Tarde expanded the breeding program. More and more different bloodlines were added and combined. Furthermore, the facilities will be soon expanded.

Juan Martin Sarli: “Polo is my life and my job is my absolute dream.” And so the 33-year-old remains committed to La Tarde business also during the European polo summer.
The best time for polo holidays at La Tarde is between October and April. At that time of the year the weather is at its best and there are lots of polo tournaments – the perfect place to escape the cold winter in Europe or America. During the remaining time the club is closed, as it is winter in Argentina and it’s too cold to play. Even the horses need a rest after the long polo season. This does not mean at all that La Tarde team puts its feet up. Instead, Juan Martin Sarli and his team travel to Europe and America in order to play polo and promote the club.

Juan Martin Sarli: “There are no specific plans yet. But I will definitely play in England and possibly also in Germany. Currently, we are also organising a girls team, that will compete as La Tarde team at a tournament in England. In addition, this year we will have our own booth at the Gold Cup and Rundle Cup in Tidworth again. And, just as we did last year, we will make a trip around Germany and will visit all the major German polo clubs, among others Aspern, Bremen Polo Club, Thann / Holzkirchen and many more. In July we will be in England and will do a tour there. This is not just a great time for us to promote the club, but also to see our guests again. When I’m in Europe, London and Munich are my main locations. But most of the time I’m just traveling from one polo club to another. This year I will also teach polo in a few clubs.”

Argentine way of life in Europe: La Tarde goes to Europe
An exciting polo season is ahead of Juan Martin Sarli. No less exciting are the planned innovations at La Tarde, which we are looking forward to seeing . La Tarde already offers optimal conditions and a unique polo program, so that everyone can improve their polo skills in the shortest time possible. When the extensions are completed, guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of options.

But that’s not all. Juan Martin Sarlis’ big dream is to open a La Tarde Polo Club in Europe: “Then we will be able to offer polo vacations all year round: during the European summer at La Tarde in Europe and during the Argentine summer at La Tarde in Argentina. We are currently looking for an extensive estate with plenty space for the horses, a large polo field and a clubhouse. We are particularly looking for a estate in England, Germany and Sotogrande, and we want to start a polo club, that offers polo as in Argentina. That means that we import our Argentine horses from our breeding program and at least two pros from Argentina who would train the guests at the European La Tarde Polo Club. We are very much looking forward to having the project up and running.”

Many guests have already been delighted with the club’s extensive range of polo training, individual care and its typical Argentinean and family atmosphere, and most of them returned to La Tarde Polo Club. Juan Martin Sarli: “La Tarde is not only a polo club, but also a family business. We see our guests as part of the family and integrate them 100 % into the Sarli family. We treat each guest individually and anticipate their wishes.” Soon in Europe.

Video: Polo training at La Tarde

Do you want to get a first impression of polo training at La Tarde? Please take a look at the video. Enjoy watching it!

About La Tarde Polo Club

La Tarde Polo Club

The family environment, the many possibilities for practising polo and the fantastic location are the reason for La Tarde Polo Club being a special polo location. The Sarli family leads the club lovingly and with much blood, sweat and tears – and guests can feel that. Whoever has been at La Tarde Polo Club wants to come back. Not only to play polo, but also to meet friends. (© La Tarde Polo Club)

The La Tarde Polo Club is located about one hour from Buenos Aires and 30 minutes from Pilar. The estate covers 180 hectares and includes three first class polo fields, 120 polo ponies, 60 horseboxes and two Sticking Cages. In addition the club offers its guests a luxury clubhouse, 12 private cottages, two swimming pools, sauna, gym and spa as well as a bar and a gift shop.

Originally the Sarli family comes from Buenos Aires, where they ran several super markets and travel agencies. Even back then Alfredo, passionate about polo and horses, bred polo ponies and searched for a place to train them. Then he found the former cattle ranch including a restaurant at the gates of Buenos Aires and in 1991 decided to use this place to build the La Tarde Polo Club. Ten years ago his son Juan Martin extended the club to a holiday accommodation – being the first one to offer polo holidays for tourists in the region of Buenos Aires.

The name “La Tarde” in Spanish means sunset and afternoon. The club is called like this because it offers a fantastic view of the sunset. The clubhouse has been built so that the guests can sit there in the evening and enjoy the panoramic view of the landscape and the sunset of Argentina.

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