On Sunday, September 28th, the International Polo Trophy “Città di Milano” will be held at Milano Polo Club. The event is celebrated in honour of Milano and this is the third year that the Milano Polo Club is hosting it.

Four teams will compete for the trophy in several matches that will be played from 15 pm to 18 pm.

The guests attending the event will also be able to enjoy different amenities such as a dress code contest (country chic), a “cars & polo” training and a food and wine testing of typical Piedmontese products.

The Teams:
San Pellegrino

David Kalberer
Juan Sanchez
Rogelio Ramirez
Matteo Beffa

Ir Porteno
Fabio Acampora
Renato Bolongaro
Paolo Santambrogio
Fernando Rivera

Milano Excellence
David Dondena
Horacio Etcheverria
Vicenzo Tortorici

Davide Nanni
Sebastian Bernandez
Santiago Losa
Marco Benvenuti