At the Mdina Glass Cawnpore Cup 2013 the top players from the Malta Polo Club encountered each other to fight for the trophy. Matthew Mifsud, Jeremy Besancon, Patrick Filletti and Karl Galea started for team Lacoste. They defeated Ben Farrugia, Chris Delia, Martin Arrigo and Alfie Manduca of team Mdina Glass by 3-2.
In the first chukker both teams scored, 1-1. But after a goal by Matthew Mifsud his team Lacoste took the lead. Goals by Karl Galea and Martin Arrigo followed and at the end of the third chukker the score was 3-2. The last chukker remained scoreless and thus Lacoste won against Mdina Glass by 3-2.

The teams:
Matthew Mifsud
Jeremy Besancon
Patrick Filletti
Karl Galea
Mdina Glass
Ben Farrugia
Chris Delia
Martin Arrigo
Alfie Manduca