From the 27th to the 29th of April 2012, the 8th Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup will be held on the beach of South Beach in Florida. Six teams, with international top-players such Bash Kazi und 10-goaler Matias Magrini, will participate.
The ladies will provide the opener on the 26th of April 2012. At the Maserati Beach Women’s Polo Cup IV eight teams with two players will play in a round-robin setup for one day of competition. Among the players will be: Tara Lordi, Melissa Hornung, Cecilia Cochran and Tiffany Busch.
“The Maserati Miami Beach Polo Cup is probably our most important tournament“, explained Bruce Orosz, President and cofounder of The Polo Life, LLC. “Our first polo tournament in Chicago 2011(Polo+10 reported) was a milestone for the development of professional, U.S. American beach polo. This year we are taking another big step by positioning this event internationally. We would like to thank the patrons, sponsors, and supporters who have helped us to take “The Polo Life” to the next level.
The sponsor is the Italian automaker Maserati, “We are very glad to be take part in the Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2012.” confirmed Mark McNabb, President und CEO of Maserati in North America und explained, “Elegance, style, and achievement are qualities that define Maserati as well as the sport of polo. We are glad to have this event in South Beach!”

Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2012
The Teams:
Lance Vetter
Pelon Escapite
Guille Usandizaga
Wes Finalayson
Lufthansa Private Jet
Tommy Kato
Luis Escobar
Jamie Morrison
Craig Pirtle
Shaun Garber
Jeffrey Garber
Nic Roldan
Nic Roldan
The Raleigh
Bash Kazi
John Gobin
Gringo Colombres
Yellow Cab
Simon Garber
Kris Kampsen
Juan Monteverde
Phin Stubbs
Jorge Olivas
Lindor Corvalan Novilla

Maserati Beach Womens Polo Cup IV 2012
The Teams:
Lynn O’Connor
Jennifer Williams
Joli Liston
Lufthansa Private Jet
Pamela Flanagan
Laura Wilson
Valerie Biehl
Tara Lordi
Melissa Hornung
Lauren Biddle
Uneku Atawodi
Diana Jack
Cecelia Cochran
Alecia Harden
Liselotte Sandberg
Aimee Waters
Misty Allen
Marina Wambold
Scarlet Davenport
Christian Hosmer
Maggi McNamara
E! Entertainment
Debra Atwell
Stephanie Kraml-Suttle