The Malta Polo Club has started its new polo season with the Challenge Cup. Three teams of the top players from club fought for the coveted trophy. Karl Galea, Patrick Filletti, Chris Delia and Jean Vella of More Polo Team have won the tournament, with a large crowd of spectators watching the play from the Club House.

A prestigious trophy, The Challenge Cup was donated back in 1870 by the British Ships and Regiments Commander, and has been contested annually since that time. The Malta Polo Club was established in 1868, a fact which qualifies the club as the oldest in Europe and the second oldest in the world.

The teams:
Chukkas Polo Team
Martin Arrigo
Matthew Mifsud
Miles Lockwood
Caroline Lockwood

More Polo Team
Karl Galea
Patrick Filletti
Chris Delia
Jean Vella

Myoka Polo Team
Jeremy Besancon
Alfie Manduca
Ben Farrugia
Matthew Brincat