On Sunday, August 31th, the final of the Coupe d’Or Lucien Barrière took place at the Hippodrome de la Torques. A final that saw team Royal Barrière, the invincible team of the season 2014, win the victory and take the Coupe d’Or home.

Due to the heavy rains of the past month, which left the field in really bad conditions, the matches had to be postponed. However, the organizers did a great job and the final saw team Marques de Riscal, captained by Spanish player Alejandro Aznar, and team Royal Barrière, led by Swiss Tommy Rinderknecht, compete in a very exciting match that ended up with a final score of 13-10 for the winners, Royal Barrière, with Martin Aguerre as the truly protagonist of the match.

The season hasn’t finished yet at Deauville; next Saturday the French team will compete against the rest of the world in the FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy. Another French team will play the European Championship at Chantilly on Wednesday, September 4th, and they will compete against the best polo teams from Europe.

The teams of the Coupe d’Or de Deauville:
Royal Barrière (+12)

Tommy Rinderknecht (0)
Martin Aguerre (+5)
Facundo F. Llorente (+4)
Tuki Ruiz Guinazu (+3)

Marques de Riscal (+12)
Alejandro Aznar (+1)
Luis Aznar (0)
Patricio Cieza (+5)
Pedro Soria (+6)

Equipe de France (+12)
Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (+5)
Thibault Guillemin (+3)
J. Reynes / A. Legallo (+2)
Florent Garaud (+2)

Talandracas (+12)
Edouard Carmignac (0)
Hugues Carmignac (0)
Polito Pieres (+8)
Alfonso Pieres jun. (+4)

Vicomte A. (+12)
Ch. Allemandou (0)
Alex Sztarkman (+1)
Dario Musso (+7)
Edouard Pan (+4)