At the end of 2003 the decision was made to bring a new polo magazine on the market by publishing POLO+10 and at Easter 2004 we received the first edition in printed format. Since then, ten years have gone by and POLO+10 has not only developed into the biggest polo magazine in the world (as the numbers say), but also is being published in English as POLO+10 World and gives the international sport a communicative platform.
We received many congratulations on this jubilee from all over the world and we feel indescribable joy about that. And we have asked our friends and readers: “How has the sport of polo developed in the past ten years according to your opinion and what have been your most important personal experiences along the way?”
The feedback was gigantic. Mailings from polo players and polo protagonists from all over the world came which we gladly would like to share with you.

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