Dubai Polo Team has been awarded with the INDI Silver Cup in High Goal in the 44th Land Rover International Polo Tournament. The squad formed by Rashid Albwardy, Martín Valent, Alejo Taranco and Adolfo Cambiaso won the final against Lechuza Caracas by 14-8 and received one of the trophies of the season in High Goal.

From the third chukka, the team led by Rashid Albwardy was a real “war machine” in both attack and defense, blocking all the ways to Victor Vargas’ team. The Venezuelan formation tried to win by all means but its opponent didn’t let him and Lechuza Caracas had a bad evening.

Dubai achieves the INDI Silver Cup and wins this trophy of the 44th Land Rover International Polo Tournament organized by Santa María Polo Club. Besides the trophy, Alejo Taranco’s mare, Delmay Gata, played in the fourth chukka and belonging to Diego Cavanagh, was honoured as the best pony of the final.

Today starts the Bulgari Gold Cup of the Land Rover International Polo Tournament at Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain. In the first match, La Indiana will face Lechuza Caracas at 5 pm. In the second match, RH Polo Team meets Murus Sanctus at 6.30 pm.

Land Rover International Polo Tournament Dubai Polo Team

Dubai Polo Team. (© Pablo Ramírez / SMPC)

Team Opel / Royal Salute wins the Silver Cup in Medium Goal

Team Opel / Royal Salute is the new champion of the Silver Cup in Medium Goal in the 44th Land Rover International Polo Tournament. The foursome formed by Richard Fagan, Pascual Álvarez, Malcolm Borwick and Santiago Cernadas achieved the victory in the supplementary time and beat Bayswater-Sapphire by 9-8, winning the first trophy in this category.

Opel / Royal Salute and Bayswater-Sapphire played a tight match on Los Pinos III, headquarters of Santa María Polo Club. Both teams achieved minimal differences between them during the six regulative chukkas.

With a penalty shoot by Malcolm Borwick, Opel / Royal Salute broke the scoreboard and proclaimed his team champion of the Silver Cup. The mare Saruyini, played by James Cernadas in the first and sixth chukka, was honoured as the best pony of the final. In addition, Equus was the champion for the Bronze Cup after defeating Kazak by 11-7.

Land Rover International Polo Tournament Opel-Royal Salute Polo Team

Opel / Royal Salute Polo Team. (© Pablo Ramírez / SMPC)

High Goal Teams:
Dubai Polo Team (+22)

Rashid Albwardy (+2)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
Alejo Ortiz de Taranco (+6)
Martín Valent (+4)

HB Polo Team (+21)
Ludovic Pailloncy (+2)
Ignacio Toccalino (+8)
Guillermo Terrera (+8)
Sebastien Pailloncy (+3)

Lechuza Caracas (+22)
Víctor Vargas (+1)
Julián Lusarreta (+6)
Juan Martín Nero (+10)
José Donoso (+5)

Murus Sanctus (+22)
Corine Ricard (0)
Juan Gris Zavaleta (+7)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Temy Willington (+7)

La Indiana (+22)
Michael Bickford (+1)
Max Charlton (+7)
John Paul Clarkin (+8)
James Harper (+6)

RH Polo Team (+21)
Francisco Elizalde (+7)
Nicolás Pieres (+9)
Benhour Soleimani (0)
Santiago Von Wernich (+5)

Ayala Polo Team (+22)
Iñigo Zobel (+1)
Ignacio Laprida (+7)
David Stirling (+10)
Santiago Stirling (+4)

Dos Lunas – A&G Banca Privada (+22)
Luis Domecq (+3)
Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (+6)
Agustín García Grossi (+7)
Martín Iturraspe (+6)

Medium Goal Teams:
Golden Goose Deluxe B. (+14)
Ian Galliene (+1)
Christian Bernal (+5)
Kevin Korst (+2)
Frankie Menéndez (+6)

Yaguara (+14)
Martina Lowe (0)
Juan Manuel Guevara (+3)
Javier Cabrera Castilla (+5)
Gerardo Mazzini (+6)

Sainte Mesme (+14)
Pelayo Berazadi (4)
Robert Strom (+3)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Birger Strom (+1)

Opel / Royal Salute (+14)
Malcolm Borwick (+6)
Carlos Piñal (+1)
Pascual Álvarez (+1)
Santiago Cernadas (+6)

Equus (+14)
Peter Silling (0)
Juan José Britos (+6)
James Beim (+7)
Kian Hall (+1)

Sapphire – Bayswater (+14)
Pablo Mora Figueroa (+1)
Tomás Fdez. Llorente (+6)
Tomás Fdez. Llorente (H) (+6)
Lawrence Isola (+1)

Kazak (+14)
Sebastien Aguettant (0)
Gaetan Charloux (+3)
Juan Ambroggio (+7)
Patrick Paillol (+4)