The Ladies Polo Cup NL was played for the 9th time 11-12 July in Holland, this year at the new club Polo Club Midden-Nederland. The Dutch ladies share this tournament and the clubs take turns to organise every year switching from club to club.

Six international players joined ten Dutch female players to make a fun weekend and nice level of Ladies Polo. Argentine umpire Marcial Socas did an excellent job in keeping the games open and flowing in competitive but friendly atmosphere.

After a weekend of making new friends and contacts, all the girls go back to their clubs and countries and prepare for the next events at Sotogrande (Spain) on 25-26 July 2015 and Wicklow (15-16 August 2015).

# 1 Van Santen & Van Santen (-4)
Joanna Mobley (0)
Melanie Immink (-1)
Julia Hiebeler (-1)
Nicole Versteeg (-2)

#2 Veuve Clicquot (-3)
Emma Beardshaw (0)
Barbara Tedder (0)
Carine Barbe (-1)
Anita Korff (-2)

#3 L’Argentina (-4)
Eva Campos (0)
Annemieke Goos (-1)
Fiona Louzada (-1)
Dominique Buck (-2)

#4 Kyboe (-3)
Brenda de Boer (0)
Annita van der Hoeven (0)
Marjolein van der Wim (-1)
Teresa Enneking (-2)


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