Six teams will compete for the Copa de la Tradición on 24th, 26th and 28th November 2014, just before the semi-finals at Palermo. The 8-goal tournament is held at La Sofía Polo Club in Argentina.

For the fifth time this year, La Sofía celebrates the Copa de la Tradición, which is supported by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) and by several private sponsors: Cerveza WARSTEINER, Bodegas Escorihuela Gascon, Gustavo Stagnaro – Plateria Civil & Criolla, Hotel SALTA, DRAGHI – Plateros Orfebres, Lagomarsino and Miguel Acuña Saddlery.

La Sofía Polo Club is located in the middle of the Argentine countryside, but only 100 km from Buenos Aires. This charming polo club offers excellent care to their visitors, as well as two stunning polo fields, a polo school for all levels and their own horses.

For more information, please contact Marcos or Silke on

The teams:
Hierro & Alberro (+8)

Niclas Johansson (0)
TBA (0)
Luis Duggan (+5)
Patricio Rattagan (+3)

La Bamba de Areco (+8)
Alberto Cortesse (0)
Hugo Amaya (+1)
Miguel Duggan (+4)
Martin Fiol (+3)

Los Laureles (+8)
Juan Pablo Resuhan (0)
Miguel Banardi (+2)
Patricio Taddeo (+3)
Joaquin Foster (+3)

Los Pingüinos Four Quarters Polo (+8)
Joe Arber (0)
Christian Carrea (+1)
Benjamin Urquiza (+5)
Dario Felix Penna (+2)

La Merced Almacen Veterinario (+7)
Simon Ferrecio (0)
Tomas Solari (0)
Matias Gaviña (+1)
Carlos Alberto Solari (+6)

La Sofia Hotel Salta (+7)
Silke Ölscher (0)
Eduardo Blousson (+1)
Marcos Antin (+2)
Miguel Lagos Marmol (+4)