La Dolfina has won the 124. Argentine Open with 14-13 goals against Ellerstina. The final started with Ellerstina leading 3-1 in the first chukka. But La Dolfina came back in the second chukka with goals from Cambiaso, Mac Donough and Pieres – score 4-3. After an evenly balanced and thrilling match until the fourth chukker, La Dolfina took a four goal led with 13-9. But Ellerstina caught up and the encounter went into overtime with a 13-13 score. La Dolfina took advantage of an air shot by Polito Pieres to regain possession and Adolfo Cambiaso launched a long pass to Juan Martín Nero who scored the winning goal taking La Dolfina to a 14-13 win, their fourth consecutive win against Ellerstina and fifth win in a row at the Argentine Open.

La Dolfina won its 11. title in Palermo in its final no. 17 (13 consecutive) since the club was created in 2000 (only in 2004 La Dolfina did not reach the decisive match ). Adolfo Cambiaso, who played his 100. match at the Cathedral of Polo in Palermo during the 124. Argentine Open, achieved his 14. title. Juan M. Nero and Pablo McDonough won their Palermo Open no. 8, while David Stirling was awarded his sixth title in history.

Adolfo Cambiaso: “We deserved to win. From the fourth chukker onwards we played a very smart match.”

Juan Martín Nero: “We did not play well and Ellerstina did not let up for a minute. Luckily the overtime chukka was for us.”