La Aguada ICBC and La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC, the two Novillo Astrada teams, who will be playing the 2015 Triple Crown in Argentina, were presented to the media in an event that took place at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, on Thursday September 17.

Both foursomes will face this new season with some changes in their lineups. 34-goal La Aguada ICBC will be comprised by Agustín Merlos (8), Guillermo Terrera (8), Guillermo Caset (9) and Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9). With regards to La Aguada las Monjitas ICBC, the 35-goal squad will have Ignacio Toccalino (9), Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (9), Sebastián Merlos (9) and Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8). However, Sebastián didn’t attend the press conference, because he was under a medical check, due to an injury he suffered during the match at the Jockey Club Open, against La Irenita.

Miguel Novillo Astrada was in attendance as well. Despite he’s not playing the 2015 Triple Crown, he will be a key man to the whole organisation, providing his valuable experience and advice.

La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC are currently playing the Jockey Club Open, and reached the semifinals. La Aguada ICBC will start the season on Wednesday September 30, when they meet La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC in their debut game at the Tortugas Open.

Following the presentation, guests enjoyed a traditional Argentine asado at La Aguada Polo Club, on a fantastic sunny spring day. Also, many of the guests took part of a challenge against the players, by trying to convert 30-yards and 60-yards penalty shots.

Team La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC

Team La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC. (© Matias Callejo)


La Aguada was born in 1959, at Embalse Río Cuarto in Córdoba, founded by don Julio Novillo Astrada, known as “Iaio”, a huge fan of polo and horse breeding. La Aguada Polo Club was founded in 1963, making more than 50 years of history. In the early 70’s, Iaio bought lands in the Open Door Area, around, 6 km from Luján and 60km from the city of Buenos Aires, a place he also called La Aguada, where he continued his polo club and became a pioneer of polo in the area. La Aguada was featured for the first time in the Triple Crown back in 1979. The foursome was comprised by Pilo Fernández Guerrico, Carlos Jáuregui, Juan Lalor and Taio Novillo Astrada, and lost in the finals of the Tortugas Open. In the meantime, the kids, Iaio’s grandsons were growing and playing at La Aguada, to continue the familiar tradition of horse breeding and polo. In 1986, La Aguada won their first Hurlingham Open. The lineup featured Cacho Merlos, Cristián Laprida, Martín Zubía and Taio. Ten years later Taio’s sons, Eduardo Jr, Miguel and began their career in the Triple Crown, playing with La Cañada. They reached their first final at Palermo in 1999. In 2003, Ignacio joined his three brothers, and together they won the Triple Crown. Today the children of the winners of the Triple Crown are already competing in national and international tournaments. The family tradition continues to grow in a new generation. Iaio’s dream is becoming bigger and bigger with La Aguada.

High Goal:
La Aguada has more than 60 years of polo tradition. From don Julio Novillo Astrada in the 40’s, to Taio Novillo Astrada in the 70’s and 80’s to the winners of the Triple Crown, La Aguada added several titles in addition to the superstardom in 2003. They also won the Tortugas Open (2004), Jockey Club Open (2005) and the Hurlingham Open (2008), among others both in Argentina and overseas. In 2012, and through Eduardo Jr.’s initiative, La Aguada Las Monjitas was born. That year, they played the qualifiers in Argentina and won the Jockey Club Open. Since 2013, La Aguada Las Monjitas is the second Novillo Astrada foursome to play the Triple Crown.