The Villages defeated MJVH Polo by a 10 a 5,5 score and won the 2019 edition of La Aguada Ladies Cup, after the final that took place at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina, on Friday December 6.

Meanwhile, La Aguada took a 7,5-3 win over Agua Fria Ourofino, and earned the third place.

Lia Salvo was named MVP and  Claudia Junqueira was presented with the Fair Play Award.

La Aguada Ladies Cup, one of the most important competitions within the busy ladies polo calendar of the spring polo season in Argentina, featured four teams up to 18 goals (ladies handicap)

Following the awards presentation, teams, players, media and special guests enjoyed the warmth of the Novillo Astrada family at their home, with a great closing party and Argentine asado, in an ideal entourage to have fun and a great time with family and friends, the spirit of La Aguada Polo Club.

A very special thanks to our sponsors for the continuing support; to the participating teams and players, to the media, and all our friends who always come to La Aguada to enjoy our events. Thanks to you all, and we are much looking forward to seeing you all next year!



The Villages: Catalina Lavinia 1, Catalina Jantus 2, Paige McCabe 6, Lia Salvo 9. Total: 18

MJVH Polo: Alicia Woods 1, Sofía Sciutto 4, Stephanie Haverhals 4, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 15

La Aguada: Sarah Brown 1, Dayna Waechter 3, Mia Novillo Astrada 6, Emma Boers 5. Total: 15

Agua Fria Ourofino: Claudia Junqueira 1, Jeanine Hugo Menéndez 5, Courtney Asdourian 6, Sofía Taylor 3. Total: 15



Tuesday December 3

MJVH Polo 7 vs. Agua Fria Ourofino 6,5

The Villages 10 vs. La Aguada 5,5

Thursday December 5

MJVH Polo 7 vs. La Aguada 6 5

The Villages 7 vs. Agua Fria Ourofino 5,5

Friday December

La Aguada 7,5 vs. Agua Fria Ourofino 3

The Villages 10 vs. MJVH Polo 5,5

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