From April 12th to April 26th 2014, the Careyes Polo Club located in Jalisco, Mexico, will host their yearly Careyes Polo Festival, which holds two of the most important polo tournaments in Mexico: the Copa Agua Alta (4 goals), from 15th to 19th April, and the Copa de Oro, one of the high-goal polo championships in the country (16-18 goals) from 24th to 26th April. There will also be a championship for junior players.

The club hosts yearly this festival, complemented with events such as an equestrian festival, and more, every year is different. Careyes is the place to be to enjoy quality polo, combined with the most charming social events such as an Opening Night, beach barbecues, a Moon Party, and even screenings from the Argentine Open.

Please find the invitation to the Careyes Polo Festival „Juegos de Poder“, hosted by Porsche, and the contacts to join this venue in the webpage of the Mexican Polo Federation (Federatión Mexicana de Polo) here: