In mid-September, the fifth edition of the Invictus Snow Polo Cup Fin del Mundo took place in Ushuaia, which is located at the south side of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.

Four teams competed against each other and fought for the Arakur Cup. In a highly competitive match, Pedro Barthalot (+2), Manuel Crespo (+9) and Sigfrido Wolfsteller (+1) of team Fueguino Hotel defeated tennis player David Nalbandian (+2), Guillermo Harguindeguy (+5) and Tomas Bertotto (+2) of team Escorihuela Gascon by a narrow margin, 3-2.

Two teams played for the Invictus Cup. Team Gabatt Polo Boots, including Gabriela Batistuta, Carlota Bertotto and Bautista Garaycochea, was victorious. Clara Bertotto, Agustina Yoseph and Mateo Birkner of team Heliushuaia were placed second.

About 3,000 spectators watched the chukkas, which took place at the southern tip of Argentina. In addition to the polo matches, the guests were also entertained with a Gala Fashion Night in the six star hotel Arakur, which included works by the designers Gabriel Lage and Patricia Profumo.

Tomás Bertotto, founder and manager of Invictus: “Over the past five years the Snow Polo Cup Fin del Mundo has developed amazingly: more glamour, an increasing of the horses as well as of the quality of the playing fields. Ushuaia is unique regarding its bunch of exclusive activities all together, snow polo, ski, heli-skiing, navigations in Beagle Channel, the best hotel in Argentina, the gala night, etc. etc. etc. The spectators as well as the players were very impressed.”

The teams:
Arakur Cup:
Fueguino Hotel (+12)

Pedro Barthalot (+2)
Manuel Crespo (+9)
Sigfrido Wolfsteller (+1)

Escorihuela Gascon (+9)
David Nalbandian (+2)
Guillermo Harguindeguy (+5)
Tomas Bertotto (+2)

Warsteiner (+6)
Roberto Criscuolo (+2)
Patricio Dalton (+2)
Martin Arce (+2)

La Gloria Polo Team (+10)
Pedro Bertotto (+4)
Martin Hochoteco (+3)
Mariano Hiugard (+3)

Invictus Cup:
Gabatt Polo Boots

Gabriela Batistuta
Carlota Bertotto
Bautista Garaycochea

Clara Bertotto
Agustina Yoseph
Mateo Birkner