The 22nd International Youth Tournament in early March at the polo club San Cristóbal in Santiago, Chile supplied entertainment at the highest level – and set a new record of participants. Never before had so many participants attended this traditional tournament. A total of 40 players from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Germany had announced their coming. The tournament was class-divided by age groups in two groups (10 to 12 years and 13 to 14 years). Every team consisted of two Chileans and two players of other nationalities.

The final day came along with enthralling matches and fast chukkas. The first game, the final of group B, thrilled the visitors until the end. The deciding goal was scored in the last minute by team Llanquihue, leading them to winning the match against team Ranco by 5-4. In the final of group A, team Aconagua gained the lead and defeated team Loa by 4-2.

Juan Pablo Schwencke, President of the Youth Commission of Chilean Polo Association, described the tournament as a „true success“ and praised the excellent level of the matches: „Among other things, children from famous polo players played as well. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them again in seven or eight years at the major polo tournaments.“