Santa María Polo Club offers all young polistas to have excellent possibilities to discover the sport of polo. Students between the ages of 10 and 18 years, from beginners to advanced players, receive the unique opportunity to experience this extraordinary sport at the International Polo Academy by Santa María Polo Club. The training provides a lot of fun for the youngsters and takes place in small groups with experienced teachers and with all relevant safety equipment. Additionally to the introduction to the sport of polo, the academy offers a platform to promote young talents, preparing them at their respective level for international competitions.

This year, Santa María Polo Club and the Sotogrande International School (SIS) came to an agreement to offer all the SIS students the possibility to practice polo at the club.

Rosendo Torreguitar and Jason Willets, who actually play official tournaments at Santa María Polo Club, are students of the Sotogrande International School and started playing polo at the Academy.

The school welcomes several new students and fortunately, there are also a number of girls interested in polo. Santa María Polo Club will hold several new events to promote the school and to attract new students. Despite the agreement with the SIS, Santa María Polo Club is also open to new possibilities with other schools.

The International Polo Academy by Santa María Polo Club in conjunction with the Sotogrande International School provides two scholarships for young players who want to play polo professionally. Candidates are asked to submit their application and a short statement why they would like to receive the scholarship to the following e-mail address: