Today at 19.00 hrs, the 2nd International Mixed Tournament will start at Ibiza Polo Club, with three participating teams which are formed by polo players from different nationalities such as Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Iran, New Zealand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and of course Spain.

The second match will take place tomorrow and the final will be celebrated on Sunday, 12 July 2015 at Ibiza Polo Club, a fantastic location which is always surrounded by a very friendly and familiar atmosphere.

POLO+10 Team is one of the participating teams of this tournament, each of which has a female player amongst its players.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

19.00 hrs HV Polo vs. Ibiza Polo club

Saturday, 11 July 2015
19.00 hrs HV Polo vs. POLO+10

Sunday, 12 July 2015
19.00 hrs Loser 1 vs Loser 2
20.00 hrs Winner 1 vs. Winner 2

The teams:
HV Polo Team (+3)

Javier Solorzano (0) – Mexico
Alejandra Pfeifer (0) – Germany
Laura Muller (0) – Spain
Walter Garbuglia (+3) – Argentina

Ibiza Polo Club Team (+3)
Gabriel Iglesias JR. (0) – KSA
Angela Walker (0) – England
Jaime Espinoza de los Monteros (+1) – Spain
Gabriel Iglesias (+2) – Argentina

POLO+10 Team (+3)
Francesca Guise (0) – New Zealand
Thomas Wirth (0) – Germany
Hormoz Verahramian (0) – Iran
Agustin Arestizabal (+3) – Argentina