The Ibiza New Year Polo Cup at the beginning of January was the starting signal for a new action-packed polo year at the Ibiza Polo Club. Two teams with an international line-up competed against each other over two days and fought for the Ibiza New Year Polo Cup: the Ibiza Polo Club Team, including Barbara Hochuli (0, Switzerland), Charles Randsquist (0, Sweden), Brian Reynolds (+1, UK) and Gabriel Iglesias (+2, Argentina), as well as the Spilly Travel Polo Team, consisting of André Spillmann (0, Switzerland), Chris Garland (+1, UK), Lucia Nocioni (0, Argentina) and Julio Rinaldi (+2, Argentina). The team of the Ibiza Polo Club won the final match by 5-4 and came off as the winner of the tournament.

Nice warm atmosphere and an amazing weather joined the third edition of the Ibiza New Year Polo Cup. People from all over the world came to the island in the Mediterranean Sea to participate in the tournament. Friends, family and visitors enjoined the two fantastic afternoons of polo, music and Argentinian asado at the Ibiza Polo Club.

The teams:
Ibiza Polo Club Team (+3)

Barbara Hochuli (0)
Charles Randsquist (0)
Brian Reynolds (+1)
Gabriel Iglesias (+2)

Spilly Travel Polo Team (+3)
André Spillmann (0)
Chris Garland (+1)
Lucia Nocioni (0)
Julio Rinaldi (+2)