From July 12th to 14th the Ibiza Beach Polo Cup takes place for the fourth time. Six teams with an international line-up and a handicap from +10 to +12 have signed up for the tournament on the Balearic Islands. The beach chukker are being organised by the Ibiza Polo Club.
The participants include next to the Argentinian professionals Ignacio Tillous (+8), Federico Español (+6) and Walter Garbuglia (+6) also the Australian Simón Dollard (+3), the Spaniards Juan de Dios Pérez (+4) and Paolo Santambrogio (+6) as well as Finni Godheart from Germany. The only local player will be Jordi Planells (+3).
The team sponsors are Ibiza Style, La Dolfina, Muccis, Román Fortunato, Lio and Scholl Media.
In the ladies tournament, which is also held in the league +10 to +12, participate Klarina Pilscher (+7) from Austria, Diane Garland from Great Britain (+5), the Nigerian +7-goaler Uneku Atawodi as well as Fiona Casajuana (+3) and Carla Álvarez (+6) from Spain.