From September 18th to 21st, five teams competed for the Hope Funds Polo Gold Cup at Villa a Sesta Polo Club, located between Siena and Arezzo, in Tuscany. Undoubtedly it was an exciting weekend at Villa a Sesta Polo Club, with great matches and an amusing atmosphere.

Team De Grisogono, formed by Mohamed Elsewdy (+2), Silvestre Fanelli (+6), Francisco Menendez (+4) and Facundo Bartneche (0) managed to win the tournament, after a very exciting final against team Hope Funds – Annawi.

Several Argentinian polo players participated in this 10/12 handicap competition, such as Eduardo Menendez (+6), who played in team Hope Funds – Annawi, Juan Jose Starlings (+5) playing for De Grisogono, Santiago Marambio (+6) for Alain Polo team, Juan Jose Starlings (+5) in team Calamai, and Lucas Fenandez (+5) in Castel Monastero Polo team.

Hope Funds – Annawi (+11)

Gualtiero Giori (+1)
Juan Manuel Gonzales (+6)
Eduardo Menendez (+4)
Riccardo Tattoni (0)

De Grisogono (+12)
Mohamed Elsewedy (+2)
Silvestre Fanelli (+6)
Francisco Menendez (+4)
Facundo Bartneche (0)

Castel Monastero (+12)
Darek Gardener (0)
Segundo Condesse Stanga (+3)
Lucas Fernandez (+5)
Santiago Irastorza (+4)

Calamai Watches (+12)
Andras Tombor (0)
Martin Joaquin (+3)
Juan Jose Storni (+5)
Matias Machado (+4)

Alain (+12)
Koko Kofler (0)
Robert Kofler (+1)
Santiago Marambio (+6)
Pedro Fernandez Llorente (+5)