“Let´s play polo“ was the word of the week at Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club near Moscow. There the legendary High Goal Festival took place for the seventh time. One could meet highly ranked professionals from Argentina and players from the Russian polo scene. The crowning finale of the traditional polo festival was the A. O. Rodzianko Challenge Cup 2012. Inhere the president of the Moscow Polo Club Alexis Rodzianko played against his son Misha, the Russian polo player with the highest national handicap of +2. With a definitely close final result of 6:5 Misha Rodzianko with Team Tseleevo beat his father Alexis, who played in Team Moscow Polo Club.
On the 25th of August it will go on with the Russian Open – one of the most important and highest endowed tournaments of Russia.

1. Tseleevo (+11)
Nacho Badiola (+6)
Celestino Rivera (+3)
Misha Rodzianko (+3)
Tasya Rodzianko (0)
2. Moscow Polo Club (+10)
Alejandro Traverso (+5)
Hernan Traverso (+4)
Joaquin Irizar (+2)
Alexis Rodzianko (-1)