A large number of enthusiastic spectators gathered on occasion of the 2013 Hierro y Albero Stockholm Polo Cup to witness exciting polo matches at the Stockholm Polo Club. POLO+10 was there, too, and supported the event which is located at the gates of the Swedish capital. Winners of the tournament are Santiago Shanahan (+4), Anders Thulin (0), Niclas Johansson (0) and Per Jacobsson (0) of team Jaguar-Land Rover Stockholm. Team Brittfurn was placed second, team Towe Jewels / Shipton was placed thrid.
The Stockholm Polo Club, founded in 2003, is situated some thirty kilometres northwest of the Swedish capital. The Spanish fashion label Hierro y Albero is sponsoring the Stockholm Polo Cup since 2009. Since last year the label is the main sponsor of the tournament. Next year the event will be held as an international +2 to +8 goal tournament and teams from Sweden and abroad are expected to participate. POLO+10 will continue to accompany and support the international tournament.

The standings:
1. Jaguar-Land Rover Stockholm (+3)
Santiago Shanahan (+4)
Anders Thulin (0)
Niclas Johansson (0)
Per Jacobsson (0)
2. Brittfurn (+5)
Corentin Mahe (+1)
Krzysztof Gajdamowicz (-1)
Viktor Folcke (0)
Manuel Mazzocchi (+5)
3. Towe Jewels / Shipton (+3)
Mariano Raigal (+4)
Jagat Singh (+2)
Georges Sinclair (-1)
Susanne Bengtsson / Hanna Danielsson (-2)