Vladi Private Islands is pleased to announce the sale of a very special property at the beginning of the year: Galloo Island – the largest private island in the continental United States and one of the most beautiful islands in North America – was sold in December 2021 through Vladi Private Islands, Hamburg.

Located in Lake Ontario in the state of New York, the island has an area of 8 km², the same size as the island of Venice. It features a private airstrip, two beaches, spacious houses, its own harbour with farmland and a forest area with wonderful wildlife.

Galloo Island is very sheltered and resembles a small kingdom of its own, which is also ideal for a self-sufficient lifestyle. Boat trips are possible to Niagara Falls on one side or through the 1000 Islands River via Singer Castle Island to the ocean on the other. The mainland and the town of Watertown with its various amenities are only a few minutes away by boat.

As island brokers in Hamburg, we have been active in this field for 50 years and are proud to have sold this unique property in cooperation with our local colleague Cathy Garlock to an American private individual.


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