The Argentine poloteam has won the Fortune Heights Super Nations Cup 2012 at the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club. With a close lead and a final score of 9:8 the quartet consisting of Santiago Cernadas (+6), Marcos Araya (+6), Juan Ambroggio (+6) and Raúl Laplacette (+6) won against team USA with Mason Wroe (+4), Kris Kampsen (+6), Mike Azzaro (+7) and Jeff Hall (+7).
The team Hong Kong, China with Chris MacKenzie (+5), José Donoso (+7), John Paul Clarkin (+8) and John Fisher (+4) won the third place.
The +7-scorer Mike Azzaro (team USA) was awarded as “Most Valuable Player“.
Argentine polo fans at the Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club got two reasons to be happy: the Argentine team became the winner of the U16 tournament, that took place at the same time.

1. Argentinien (+24)
Marcos Araya (+6)
Santiago Cernadas (+6)
Raúl Laplacette (+6)
Juan Ambroggio (+6)
2. USA (+24)
Mike Azzaro (+7)
Jeff Hall (+7)
Kris Kampsen (+6)
Mason Wroe (+4)
3. Hong Kong, China (+24)
John Paul Clarkin (+8)
Jose Donoso (+7)
Chris MacKenzie (+5)
John Fisher (+4)
4. England (+23)
James Beim (+7)
Mark Tomlinson (+6)
James Harper (+6)
Ollie Cudmore (+4)

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