Today the Club de Polo y Equitación San Cristóbal in Santiago, Chile, will hold the finals of the 10th FIP World Polo Championship. Chile and USA defeated their opponents in their corresponding semi-final matches and will compete against each other for the World Champion title today at 17.00 hrs. (local time).

With a 15-9 victory over England, USA qualified for the final round in yesterday’s match. Chile found more difficulties competing against Brazil, but they made it to the final with a final result of 11-10.

Both the host country, Chile, and USA have won the World Championship in the past. Chile was the World Champion in 2008 and USA got the title in 1989.

Before the final match for the World title takes place at 17.00 hrs. (local time), Brazil and England will compete for the third position at 14:30 hrs.

The teams:
USA (+14)

Remy de Celle Muller (+2)
Jesse Bray (+5)
Felipe Viana (+4)
Patrick Uretz (+3)

Brazil (+14)
Eduardo Parise (+2)
Gustavo García (+4)
Joao Novais (+4)
Gabriel Villela Rosa (+4)

Chile (+14)
Mario Silva (+2)
Ignacio Vial (+4)
Felipe Vercellino (+4)
José Miguel Pereira (+4)

Pakistan (+14)
Ahmed Ali Tiwana (+4)
Bilal Haye (+2)
Saquib Khakwani (+4)
Rqaya Sami Ullah (+4)

Argentina (+14)
Pablo Ávalos (+2)
Marcos Panelo (+4)
Bautista Bayugar (+5)
Salvador Jauretche (+3)

England (+14)
George Pearson (+2)
Jack Hyde (+2)
William Emerson (+5)
Peter Webb (+5)