Team Alfalah Insurance with Hamza Mawaz Khan (+3), N Shaikh (+2), Saqib Khan Khakwani (+3) and Matias Vial Perez (+6) is the winner of the Enterprise Punjab Cup in the north-pakistani Lahore Polo Club. With a score of 5:4 the quartet won the final against team Master Paints with Sufi Muhammad Aamir (+2), Sufi Muhammad Haris (+1), Gaston Moore (+7) and Shah Qubilai Alam (+4).
Right at the beginning team Alfalah Insurance took the lead. After the first chukka team Alfalah Insurance stepped forward with a score of 2:0. Team Master Paints found its way back in the game in the second ckukka, but wasn¹t able to turn the game. After the first half of the game, team Alfalah Insurance still took the lead with a score of 3:2. Two goals from team Master Paints and none of team Insurance in the third chukka changed the game ­and Master Paints went ahead with a score of 4:3. But Alfalah Insurance didn’t give up at all: In the fourth and last chukka the team converted two shots in a goal and so relegated team Master Paints on the second place.
The third place went to team Team Army / Coca Cola with Abdul Rehman Monnoo (+1), Raja Temur Nadeem (+3), Maj Gen Isfandiyar Ali Khan Pataudi (+3) and Manuel Crespo (+7). With a score of 8:7 the quartet won against team Diamond Paints.
A total of six teams with handicaps from +10 to +14 were fighting for the Enterprise Punjab Cup.