On 1st August, the sixth Engel & Völkers Polo Cup will take place at the private Finca “Son Coll” of the founder and CEO of the company, Christian Völkers. The first Polo Cup took place six years ago and was then just a small event, with only 180 invited guests. Since then, the Engel & Völkers Polo Cup has established itself as a social fixture on the island. Last year, around 600 international guests attended the event, including employees, business partners, friends and well-known international individuals from the sectors of politics, media, culture, business and sports.

‘Polo is my favourite sport and my main hobby. It is my greatest hobby aside from Real Estate,’ says Christian Völkers full of anticipation for the upcoming event. ‘It is a special privilege, that I am able to realise my greatest passion at “Son Coll” and to be able to share it with so many friends and companions.’

For three days, six top-class teams each with three players, will play against each other at the tournament. The sponsors Bentley, Cartier, Vertu, La Martina, the Resorts Forest Lakes/Eagles Paradise as well as Engel & Völkers are all presenting teams. The Polo Cup this year will once again be played under the motto of ‘It’s time to share’, as part of the Engel & Völkers Charity e.V., founded in 2008, which funds a school project in Togo. The donations and proceeds from the Charity Auction will go towards the extension of the school building, as well as covering the current running costs of the project.

The teams:
Bentley (+4)

Bolko Kiessling (+1)
Conrad Kiessling (+1)
Jose Luis Baretto (+2)

Engel & Völkers (+4)
Christian Völkers / Fabien Pictet (0)
Diego Leal (+1)
Christophe Kirsch (+3)

La Martina (+6 / +5)
Yoanna Otto (-1)/ Rackham Schröder (-2)
Gustavo Velazquez (+1)
Eduardo Anca (+6)

Cartier (+4)
Carl-Eugen zu Oettingen-Wallerstein (0)
Alfonso Castillo (+1)
Christopher Winter (+3)

Forest Lakes (+4)
Daniel Crasemann (0)
Bernhard Schurzmann (0)
Tim Ward (+4)

Vertu (+5 / +4)
Valerie Crasemann (-1) / Christian Philipp Völkers (-2)
Alberto Comenge (0)
Santos Anca (+6)