A report of Rhea Gutperle.
Everywhere in Europe the polo season ends slowly but surely. Same in Italy. On the two last weekends the last two tournaments of the season were played with best weather at the Villa a Sesta Polo Club, located between Florenz and Siena. After thrilling chukkas the German team Los Nocheros around Sebastian Schneberger won on both weekends. Schneberger also won the price of the “Most Valuable Player“. Philip de Groot (+1) from the Netherlands, the Argentine +7-Scorer Frankie Menendez and the +3-Scorer Naco Bello supported him. On the second weekend de Groot had to give up his participation and the Italian Jacomo Galantino (+1) took his place.

1. Los Nocheros (+12)
Sebastian Schneberger (GER, +1)
Jacomo Galantino (ITA, +1)
Nacho Bello (ARG, +3)
Franki Menendez (ARG, +7)
2. Villa a Sesta (+12)
Ricardo Tattoni (ITA, 0)
Juan Bozzi (ARG, 0)
Edu Menendez (ARG, +6)
Marcelo Pascual (ARG, +6)
3. Austria (+12)
Robert Koffler (AUT, +1)
Koko Koffler (AUT, 0)
Santiago Marambio (ARG, +5)
Fran Fuchi (ARG, +6)
4. Black Vienna
Sascha Hauptman (AUT, 0)
Leon Hauptman (AUT, 0)
Tomas Maiquez (ARG, +6)
Joaquin Maiquez (ARG, +6)

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