Team Emlor C, featuring Clinton McCarthy (0), Edward Morris-Lowe (+2), Marcos Araya (+7) and Manuel Fernandez Llorente (+6), is winner of the La Martina Queen Mother’s Centenary Tournament Trophy 2013.
It was a close fight for the title between the teams Emlor C and Black Cats at the Guard Polo Club. After the first half of the match the score was even with 3-3. In the fourth chukka Emlor C won the leadership, 7-5. Still Black Cats succeeded to draw level with Emlor C and both teams had to go into extra time with a score of 8-8. It was Manuel Fernandez Llorente (+6) who landed a fantastic goal between the posts, securing his team Emlor C the victory by Golden Goal. Team Black Cats with Mark Wadhwa (0), Hernan Muzzio (+3), Richard Le Poer (+5) and Alejandro Muzzio (+7) finished second.
Altogether seven teams competed against each other at the Guards Polo Club and fought for the trophy.