As the days are getting hotter and the rain clouds move closer, Thailand’s polo season is coming to an end. At Polo Escape in Thailand now the Easter Cup took place, the second last tournament of the season at the polo club. The Easter Cup was a fun tournament. Three teams of three, The Easter Eggs, The Easter Bunnies and the Hot Cross Buns got together over the weekend to compete for the trophy.

Team Easter Eggs with Hormoz Verahramian (-1), Robin Lourvanij (0) and Andrés Gomez (+1) was successful. The trio won by goal difference, team Easter Bunnies with Panita Vongkusolkit (-1), Conrad Stoyke (-1) and Miguel Ayala (+3) came close second and the Hot Cross Buns with Alister Musgrave (-1), Michael Haesslein (-1) and Patricio Lalor (+3) were placed proud third.

1. Easter Eggs (0)
Hormoz Verahramian (-1)
Robin Lourvanij (0)
Andrés Gomez (+1)

2. Easter Bunnies (+1)
Panita Vongkusolkit (-1)
Conrad Stoyke (-1)
Miguel Ayala (+3)

3. Hot Cross Buns (+1)
Alister Musgrave (-1)
Michael Haesslein (-1)
Patricio Lalor (+3)