Nico Pieroni (+3), Marc Hogberg (+3), Ronnie Lim (-1), Ang Ban Tong and Tan Hock (both -1, sharing a position) are the winners of the Diplomat’s Cup 2014. In the final Team South America scored a tight win against team Corps Diplomatique by 4-3. Nico Pieronie, a three goaler, was the most dangerous player who converted successfully three out of four goals for his team.

Team Asia won the third place by defeating team Europe 4-3.

This year the Diplomat’s Cup took place for the second time. In keeping with the spirit of the Diplomat’s Cup the teams represented the various regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South Africa, Corps Diplomatique and Oceania. Numerous ambassadors and High Commissioners came to the final, supporting the teams.

The Diplomat’s Cup is the first major tournament of the polo season in the Singapore Polo Club and one of the ‘Triple Crown Series” with the International ProAm (4 to 6 goals) in May and the Singapore Open (8 to 10 goals) in June.

The Singapore Polo Club was founded in 1886 to promote the sport of polo and equestrian activities in Singapore and beyond. The history of the club dates back to colonial times and several members of the royal family have played polo at the club.