On August 10th the Coupe d’Or, one of the most important and prestigious polo tournaments in France, starts. Six teams with a top class line-up compete for the coveted trophy until August 25 at the Deauville International Polo Club.
Beside the best polo player of France, Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (+5, Team Royal Barrière), a couple of young players who already took part in the Argentine Open this year will attend the Coupe d’Or Lucien Barrière at Deauville. The +8-Goaler Facundo Sola, who played together with the Novillo-Astrada-Brothers at the „Cathedral of Polo“ for the Team La Aguada, will play in team Murus Sanctus. Edouard Carmignac (0) could engage not less than two Argentinian top players for his team Talandracas: Lucas James (+7) will compete at the Argentine Open 2013 for La Aguada II, the +8-Goaler Pablo Pieres will saddle his horses for Team Alegria.
Tito Ruiz Guinazu (+7), who has already shown a gorgeous performance at Chantilly in spring, as well as the multiple Gold-Cup-Finalist Dario Musso (+7) will take part in the tournament and give the audience pleasant anticipation for competitive chukkas and polo action run on adrenalin.

The teams:
Royal Barrière (+16)
Martin Joaquim (+3)
Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (+5)
Pancho Bensadon (+8)
André Fabre (0)
Talandracas (+15)
Edouard Carmignac (0)
Hugues Carmignac (0)
Lucas James (+7)
Pablo Pieres (+8)
Murus Sanctus (+16)
Pelayo Berazadi (+4)
Juan Zubiaurre (+4)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Corinne Ricard (0)
La Quinta General Levalle (+16)
Facundo Fernandez Llorente (+4)
Alexandre Sztarkman (+1)
Dario Musso (+7)
Edouard Pan (+4)
In the Wings (+15)
Lavinia Fabre (0)
Caroline Anier (+2)
Pablo Jauretche (+7)
Tomas Ruiz Guinazu (+6)
Body Minute (+16)
Patrick Paillol (+4)
Tomas Reinoso (+5)
Tito Ruiz Guinazu (+7)
Jean-Christophe David (0)