This year, the new-comers won the Easter Cup. The German team Ultra Pro makes its mark during its 1st visit in a competition at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez before the Pakistani team F Polo Team (2nd) and the Swiss of Pink Energy (3rd). Also the other teams offered a great show during this competition: Easy Polo Team for Switzerland (4th), Saint-Tropez for Germany (5th) and the Haras de Gros Bec for United Kingdom (6th).
The players have been offered lots of presents such as poloshirts by Vicomte A., sunglasses by ZeroRH+, champagne bottles, magnums and buckets from Louis Roederer and of course the Easter cup for the winners.
The best playing Team Patron, M. Albrecht Bach, received a pair of technical polo glasses. This nice event was sponsored, as last year, by Hublot, Le Club 55, and Vicomte A. and also this year by Corlette,, PoloLine and Equestrio.

The results:
1. Ultra Pro – German Polo Team (+8)
Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (+5)
Manuel Cereceda (+3)
Albrecht Bach (-1)
Adrien le Gallo (+1)
2. F Polo Team (+8)
Justin Gaunt (+4)
Clément Delfosse (+4)
Jacques Ducharnes (0)
Alshair Fiyaz (0)
3. Pink Energy (+8)
Lucas Labat (+6)
Bernardo Barreto (+3)
Piero Dillier (0)
Andreas Knapp-Voith (-1)
4. Easy Polo Team (+8)
Agustín Martinez (+4)
Fabian Bolanterio (+3)
Pablo Miguens (+1)
Philipp Maeder (0)
5. Saint-Tropez (+8)
Juan Martin Garcia Laborde (+5)
Roberto Bilbao(+3)
Thomas Rinderknecht (0)
Corinne Schuler (0)
6. Haras de Gros Bec (+7)
Federico Español (+3)
Ignacio Uterravizcaya (+3)
Lucas (+1)
Dean Clark (0)
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