Double for Royal Barrière: After the victory in the Silver Cup, the team that André Fabre and his manager Diego Zavaletta put together, also won the Gold Cup finale. From the 16th till 28th of August the Gold Cup of Deauville 2011 took place. Five international teams with Goals up to 20 were fighting against each other. With 10:9 the team Royal Barrière with Christopher McKenzie (RSA, +4), Hilario Ulloa (RA, +8), Francisco Bensadon (RA, +8) and André Fabre (F, 0) defeated the team Polo de Deauville with Robert Archibald (AUS, +6), Juan Ambroggio (RA, +6), Dario Musso (RA, +7) und Alexandre Sztarkmann (F, +1). Right at the beginning Polo de Deauville took the lead with 3:1 at the end of the fourth chukka. Afterwards the four players had to endure attacks from Hilario Ulloa and Francisco Bensadon, who were supported by Christopher McKenzie.
The third place went to team Talandracas with Edouard Carmignac (F, 0), Lucas Monteverde (RA, +8), Milo Fernandez Araujo (RA, +8) and Max Routledge (F, +4). Francisco Bensadon from team Royal Barrière was awarded as the best player of the day. The prize for the best pony went to Texas, the horse of Christopher McKenzie.

The Ranking:
1. Royal Barrièr (+20)
André Fabre (F, 0)
Francisco Bensadon (RA, +8)
Hilario Ulloa (RA, +8)
Christopher McKenzy (SA, +4)
2. Polo de Deauville (+20)
Juan Ambroggio (RA, +6)
Robert Archibald (AUS, +6)
Dario Musso (RA, +7)
Alexandra Sztarkman (F, +1)
3. Talandracas (+20)
Edouard Carmignac (F, 0)
Lucas Monteverde (RA, +8)
Milo Fernandez Araujo (RA, +8)
Max Routledge (F, +4)
4. Blackstorm (+20)
Jean-Marc Tyberg (F, 0)
Juan Gris Zavaleta (RA, +7)
Clemente Zavaleta (RA, +6)
Joaquin Pittaluga (RA, +7)
5. Pololine (+18)
Erneste Trotz (RA, +4)
Pierre-Henri Ngoumou (F, +4)
Mariano Uranga (RA, +6)
Patrick Paillol (F, +4)

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